ISO 9001 quality testing for each software update

Fairphone has come a long way and brought many things to the table for the phone industry. Bravo!

Now is time to improve the quality of the software for the end users. The good news is that this problem is “solved” since after VW 2, it is called ISO 9001.

This topic is to discuss the systematic quality testing of the fairphone BEFORE each software release.
The quality of the measures must be within the defined acceptable rang before releasing the update.

My proposition the 3 main features that need to me quality tested through a standardized ISO 9001 test procedure are:

  1. GSM phone quality, with electromagnetic perturbations (simulation of a bad weather).

  2. 4G/5G connexion quality in low reception conditions

  3. Battery life duration.
    ( 4) photo quality)

Many other tests could be created of course, but the 3 main functions of this device should be monitored.
I don t see user interface bugs, a big deal, since it is “subcontracted” to google via the default user experience. This is not “part of what fairphone” sells , OS and UI must work “like google made it”.

Over time those 3 test will be improved , as anything in ISO. WHat is important is to have a first version of those protocol, and to bring quality improvements to the product and users.

ISO 9001? In my experience it’s a great way to introduce massive amounts of bureaucracy for minimum overhead. ISO 9001 doesn’t mean you can’t produce buggy updates. It doesn’t even try to stop you doing that. It does mean that if you go to enormous effort and dot every i and cross every t you will probably manage to produce buggy updates consistently.


Aren’t the (unintended) main functions immunity against legal liability and cover-your-*ss? :slight_smile:

The title is about QUALITY TESTING in the way of ISO 9001 if you prefer.
I have been implementing ISO 9001 in a small company and yes their are bureaucraty drawback… But implementing just the TESTS would be a greaaaaat step forward for fairphone and its users !
ISO is not about making bug free devices !
It s all about IMPROVING it.
Today I have bugs from 2 years ago that came back, like the inability to phone under bad weather because the phone doesn t switch to 3G to get better signal.

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