Is there any way to buy FP3 and ship it to Asia?

Want one but I’m from Hong Kong:(
Is there any way for me to get one???

The phone is designed for use in Europe. Before buying it, check whether it will work on your local network (i.e. does your service provider use frequencies that are supported by the Fairphone 3?). Also note that there will be issues with the warranty, as Fairphone states the warranty not valid outside of the European countries mentioned in the warranty conditions.
If, despite these issues, you still want to purchase the device there are some resellers that are reported to offer world-wide shipping ( is often mentioned as offering this, there may be others too).


Hey thanks for answering!
I know there may have a lot of problems but i really wanna support this awesome project and to protect the environment;)!
Will check the website that you’ve share!
Thank you very much!

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Heh, the irony is that the smartphones are shipped to Europe from China, so the one you’d buy would make a round trip.

Just for reference, Hong Kong LTE frequencies are listed here:

I did not verify, but you might want to verify if FP3 works well with your current provider.

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Okay thanks! Maybe I should double check for that…:pray:t2:

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