Is there any plan to allow a FP 2.0 price cut for existing fairphone users?

I was wondering this, has fairphone the means and budget (and plan) to allow early adopters to get a price cut on the future version if they send their old model for instance?

I don’t plan to buy the next one as is (need more info, existing works correctly for now, etc) but if things go well, I could contemplate getting the new one, but I wouldn’t keep the one I already have.

Just an idea, don’t flame me. XP

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I don’t think Fairphone is planning to do so because - in my opinion - this would go against Fairphone’s wish that people use their phone for a long time.
I believe they’d prefer the new phones to be bought by people who don’t have a Fairphone yet and especially people who don’t have a working smartphone atm.
If FP1(U) users would get the FP2 cheaper than others that would be contraproductive. (Again: Just my opinion)


I get your point, but this would be only for early adopters.

Fairphone can still refurbish them and sell them.

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I get your point too. :smile:
Well let’s just see what they decide…

Btw, if you want to suggest this to Fairphone you better contact them direclty.