Is there a way to run both OS's on the FP2?

I would like to run the open OS as the daily system and the google-OS to update play-store-apps and then install the APK’s on the open OS. Does anybody know if that will be possible somehow?
On my Motorola RAZR there were custom recoverys like BootMenu Manager and Safetrap that made this possible.

You can’t exactly run two OSes - at least not right now - but you can easily perform a full system backup with TWRP, install the other OS, do what you need to do there, make a full backup of that OS and switch back using the first backup.

PS: I believe the backup also saves the OS, but I haven’t yet actually tried restoring a TWRP backup from a different OS (version) than the one I was running at that moment. Maybe someone else can confirm?

PPS: I just remembered that FP OS comes without TWRP so I guess you’d have to port TWRP yourself. On the other hand you’d not need a full backup of FP OS if you only need it to download apps from the play store.

You could however - instead of using FP OS - use FP open OS with opengapps as one of your backup images.

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