Is there a way to get back to fairphone OS from Ubuntu Touch?

Hi, I have installed Ubuntu Touch on my FP2 and would like to go back to Fairphone Open OS.
I have downloaded the manual switcher but it does not recognize the FP" in fastboot mode.
Any advice around?

Are you sure the manual switcher would work in this case? My understanding is, its just for switching between FPOS and FPOOS? However, you can check driver, by booting into fastboot, connecting to PC, going to windows update, search for updates, check additional updates and then driver and download all with Google.


Yes, I agree with @yvmuell that in case fastboot devices does not give back some ID then there’s a problem with the driver, USB cable or similar…

Oh, I am connected to a laptop running Ubuntu

Ok. What happens if you try “sudo fastboot devices”?

and on the laptop I can see the andriod in the mounted devices

Sounds like USB cable is working.
What happens if you reboot the FP2 into fastboot mode and try out sudo fastboot devices command?


I have maged to get back to Fairphone OS finaly
it needed to install the fastboot command on the laptop’s Ubuntu OS


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