Is there a list of LED signs for the Fairphone earbuds?

… i would like to understand what it tells me…

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While the term “earbuds” is closer to Fairphone’s small in-ear TWS earbuds, I’m not sure whether you mean those or Fairphone’s big on-ear Fairbuds XL. People are mixing them up here recently, so you might want to specify.


here is why i ask: i lost the left earbud while jogging. found next day but was raining overnight.

first: worked OK but was continually activating the google voice assistant (interrupting whatever i was listening to)
second: for a short while worked OK
third: the left earbud died off. it is being charged (blinking white) - but doesn’t connect and/or doesn’t give a sound. powers off after a few secs (that being told by the internal voice)

my questions were to (a) understand the signals; (b) is there any way to repair?; (c) can / must i buy a replacement earbud or (d) do i have to buy a fully new set???

thx for any help!!

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You can buy a replacement:

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Basically I think (agree with @Incanus) that this is most likely a physical defect and unfortunately the TWS cannot be repaired on that level. You can still try the official reset procedure as described in the following Support article in the Pairing | Unpair section, but again, I very much doubt it will fix the issue.


thank you so much @urs_lesse
i thought i had tried the unpair/pair exercise already - but apparently not correctly. now they work again.
that brings me back to my first question: did the ‘white blinking’ try to tell me that there was a pairing problem?

White blinking on the case normally just signals that the case is getting charged – as you said earlier. Only one LED should be blinking, the one(s) to its left should be stably alit.

Or was there white blinking on the individual earbud?

sorry - i am talking about the lights at the earbuds themselves - while they are in the case.
it seems now that the sensor for the ‘tap controls’ is broken. so i can’t lower volume any more. but that’s a flaw i can easily live with :slight_smile:

I did look for the same thing but for the Fairbuds XL. Because I ended up in this thread, I guess I won’t be the only person to do so.


  1. Is there a map of all possible LED signals possible for the Fairbuds XL? (useful in general)
  2. Is there a way to remap?

Why I personally am asking 2.: The LED on my Fairbuds XL do not stay on, but only light up on the transition between OFF/ON and when pairing.
Because of that I always have to rely on the voice telling me the state of the headphones, which is not always what I need.

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