Is there a launcher for FP Open OS which allows widgets in fixed launcher bar?

I have a nice app with a shortcut “widget”. I can put that onto the home screen, I know. But I want it to be on the fixed launcher menu (or whatever it’s name is) which stays visible on every page.

Is there a launcher with this feature?

Thanks, nobi
(who uses a an FP2 with build “FP2-userdebug 6.0.1 FP2 fp2-sibon-18.04.1 release-keys”)

I don’t know of any such launcher, but I guess the simplest workaround would be to put the widget on every screen.

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(That could be battery-intensive, though)

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Thanks for turning every launcher into the one I looked for… :slight_smile:

But I can’t imagine a reason why more widgets will drain the battery faster… Can you explain?

Danke & Grüße von

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I guess it depends on the app that provides the widgets. I don’t know if many developers think about this use case so they may not develop the app in a way that having identical widgets doesn’t mean they have to be updated individually.
A rather stupid example would be if it was a weather widget and all instances of the widget update (connect to GPS and internet) whenever you navigate to the home page the widget is on and it hasn’t updated in a while…

What Paula said. Widgets are standalone instaces of apps that run at the same time. They are not designed to be duplicated, although noone forbids you to do exactly that.

Ok, I see. No worries in this case, as it is a sound recorder, which waits for the widget to be clicked to start recording.

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You can try Lawnchair
You can change the dock into a two row dock and put any x1 height widget into the dock.


Thanks for the tip - sounds good.

But why would a launcher need permissions to make phone calls and want my location?

Danke & Grüße von
here’s some details.

The location can be used for the weather widget.
My guess is that the phone permission is needed once shortcuts to contacts are placed on the launcher but I haven’t investigated.

Can’t you block the contacts (and location) permission for the app? I know that LineageOS has that feature, but I think that there is such a functionality implemented in Android 6 and 7 too.

You can deny the permissions once the app asks for it and you can change the settings in the android settings -> apps -> permissions afterwards.
Lawnchair will only ask for the storage permission after launching the first time ( needed for the wallpaper ). The weather widget is disabled by default and I never got the question for the phone permission so I don’t know.

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