Is there a detailed and visual description of FP modules?

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Out of mere layman-curiosity, I searched but cant happen to find a visual description of where which parts are located on the FP2 core module. Apart from the ifixit teardown, which is not very detailed here, something like this seems not to have exist. Am I missing something?

Thank you very much for you help!
Best, Dominik

Are you sure you read the whole iFixit teardown ? not a pre-version ?
this one : Ifixit link
Because, they are detailling every chip inside the core module…
What would you want more ? Pcb trace ? :stuck_out_tongue:


On top of the iFixit teardown that I find OK, dirkvl has opened a Github repository for hardware specs here :

Dear Arvil & Elipsus,

Thank you both for your replies.
You’re right, ifixit is very detailed - I didn’t formulate very well.
Maybe it’s just these two parts that I can’t happen to find there or don’t recognize in the description: I’d like to know what the copper parts are on the left and top of the core module’s back (antennas? I’m really ignorant to electronics, sorry…).

Thank your for the clarification!

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Yes, these are antennas :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: