Is there a delivery to israel?

is there a delivery to Israel? in the shipment company i saw they deliver only to Europe…

yes, so unfortunately it seems as if the answer to your question is ‘No’. Maybe you have a contact in Europe that could act as a go-between - ordering and then forwarding it?

If this webpage can be trusted, the FP should work in Israel for both 2G (ordinary voice calls and slow data traffic) and 3G. The FP supports 3G traffic on the 2100MHz frequency band, and three operators (Golan, HotMobile, Orange) offers that.
But since the FP is designed for the European market (and European networks) the FP company cannot give any guarantees.

Hi Maayan,
I purchased a Fairphone and delivered it to my family in France, and ask the first who visited Israel to bring it to me.

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i got the phone for a month now, i did the same, with my brother in berlin


So we are two Fairphone users (we know of) in Israel. Nice to know you :slight_smile:

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Hello Maayan and Alexandra, I have Fairphone 1U - do you want to create an Israeli users group?


You could enter your contact information in the Local Fairphoners Address Book. It would be the first Fairphoners group in Asia! :smiley:


Thanks Stefan!

Fijn Weekend Allemaal

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Just ordered my Fairphone 2 to arrive to Israel with an Italian friend!
Please tell me - is it working properly in Israel??

So, did you create that Israeli group? :wink:

Shalom Shir,

I just tried to do so!
All the best,

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Thanks for offering you contact information to other Fairphoners! :slight_smile: I updated the link in your post.

You can of course open a new topic for discussion, but we’d like to keep the contact information in one place (= the Local Fairphoners Address Book).

hey! I really want to buy a fairphone, could anybody tell me if it works properly in Israel? and we shoud start a new comunity and get as much people to buy it =). its worth it