🇬🇧 Is there a beta program? / 🇫🇷 Y a-t-il une beta?

:uk: Hi. Is there a way to help Fairphone 3 software development and become a beta tester?
I saw some post about FP1 and 2 but nothing for FP3 at the moment?
If some of us want to help, I think it would be a good idea to say it here. Maybe Fairphone’s team will see it and create a beta program for FP3 :wink:

:fr: Salut ! Y aurait-il un moyen d’aider le développement du Fairphone 3 et de devenir beta testeur ?
J’ai vu quelques posts à ce sujet pour le FP1 et 2 mais rien pour le 3.
Si certains d’entre nous sont interessés, je pense qu’il serait bien de se manifester ici. Peut-être que l’équipe Fairphone le verra et lancera le programme beta :wink:

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Not yet there isn’t.

I’m sure FP is planning a beta program, but probably not before they get to the point where they can deliver somewhat regular updates.
When they do, they will for sure post about it in the forum and if they forget I’ll immediately add the #betatests tag. You can watch that tag, then you will stay informed.



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