Is there a battery saver shortcut?

it takes me 7 taps and 2 swipes to switch on the batter saver and get the phone back to the state it was otherwise previously in, so with the Settings app swiped away and the main menu returned to. this is on a fairphone 2.

i would like the batter saver to be on all the time. is it possible either to have a shortcut, or macro (not sure of the correct terminology) that would switch it on, or better still, set it on as the default state when the phone’s not charging?

and why is it that when the battery saver is on, and the level reaches 15%, it invites me to switch the battery saver off? seems completely counterintuitive.

thanks for reading.

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With Lineage OS you can put a toggle in the quick pulldown menu, so you only need one swipe and one tap.
I guess with Gravity Box that can be achieved too.
With standard FP (Open) OS it’s not possible.

PS: I just tested on Android 7 Open OS and I at least manage to get there a little bit faster, than you:

  • 2 swipes to get to the toggles
  • tap on the battery toggle
  • tap on battery saver
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There are three settings for the battery saver.

Never auto-activate
activate at 15% battery level
activate at 5% battery level.

Maybe you are running low on power and it activates although you atm. don’t want it to do so as this would also limit certain background activities (network traffic etc.).
So there is a friendly invitation just in case…

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If you want to really save some power, you’ll need something like tasker in combination with kernel auditor. Tasker costs 3€ and kernel auditor is free I think. You can throttle CPU/GPU vor dimm the screen if there are conditons fulfilled that you’ve set.

You could add a settings->battery widget on your screen. Then enabling or disabling power save mode is only 3 taps and no swipe away.

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thanks @paulakreuzer. but i’m afraid i have no idea what those things are. do you have to install a whole new OS to do this?

thanks @Volker. this is beyond me i’m afraid. where do i get the widget from please?

thanks @Patrick1. with my old iPhone, the battery saver actually saved the battery, and i was assuming this one would do that too. surely if i have it on all the time, the battery will last longer, won’t it? it’s not at all clear.

thanks @Leo_TheCrafter. but no, if i have to add things to my phone just to give it the battery life it should have, then this fairphone is really not fit for purpose. it’s not as if i don’t have many other problems with the thing, and i will get to them as others get solved! :slight_smile:


It’s possible that the following steps are only available in the current FPOS (Android 7.1) which has been released yesterday…:

  1. Long press a free space on the screen.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you should find “WALLPAPERS” and “WIDGETS”.
  3. Select “WIDGETS”.
  4. In the list of widgets that appears search for “Settings”.
  5. Long press on the “settings” icon and move it to the free space you had selectected in step 1
  6. You should find a “Settings shortcut” opening and can select “Battery” there.
  7. The free space on the screen should no contain an icon with a battery symbol.
  8. Tap on the battery symbol (widget) and you’ll be directly in battery settings.

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