Is the OnePlus3T DashCharge Adapter compatible with the Fairphone 3?

Hi !

I was wondering if, by any chance, you knew if the DashCharge system used by the OnePlus 3T is compatible with the Fairphone 3?

Because I’m thinking of getting a FP3, and keeping my current charger would be better ecologically and economically speaking.

The specs are :
INPUT : 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.6A

At least I could keep the same cable in any case :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration, have a great day !

Hi there and welcome to the community!
A quick search tells me that dash charge was developed by OnePlus itself for the OnePlus 3 and 3T up to the 6 and 6T, and it’s all.
Qualcomm devices like the FP3 use Quick charge, which is a different method than dash charge.
I wouldn’t be sure at 100%, but I think I can say at 99% that your charger won’t work for dash charge, though I think it will work for normal charge. Edit: not even, intensity output too high.

Got it ! Well to be sure to be able to use Quick Charge I guess I’ll buy the official FairPhone charger ^^

Thanks !

Here are the official specifications:

It seems that an output of 4A would be too high.

I would like to add that I have kept charging an FP3 for months with an old iPod (2005) charger that is definitely not QuickCharge compatible (first I used a no-name USB-C cable, now Fairphone’s own USB-C cable). It just takes this charger a bit longer to give the FP3 a full charge.


Thanks for the explanation ^^
As I want to use QuickCharge, I guess that’ll buy the FP3 charger plug, and just use my OnePlus USB-C cable :slight_smile:

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If I am not mistaken, this should not matter because the electronic device to be supplied with power takes as much as it gets, but not more than it needs.

Well, it is written in @urs_lesse’s link:

Maximum output of 3 ampere/h (3A, 3000mA).

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Right, that is the official specification for the charger, that does not compromise my statement.

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The OnePlus Dash Charger does not work for the FP3. It only loads at normal speed, so there is no quick Charge possible.

We could agree on “The OnePlus Dash Charger works for the FP3, but it charges at normal speed”, right?

The question was:

The answer is:

No need to continue this discussion in my opinion.

You wrote:

You think, but you do not know. Only testing the charger will tell the truth.


The answer:

@timbuktu Have you tested the charger with a FP3?

Yes, I tested it, at home we have two onePluses. The FP3 only loads at “normal” speed.


Great, now we know that the charger works, but at normal speed. Thanks!

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