Is the Micro-USB included in the Fairphone 1/FP1 U Midframe?

My Micro-USB is broken, and I cannot find an one-to-one spare part. Is it included in the Fairphone 1 Midframe?

This Midframe to be exact:

Thanks for the help!

No, it’s on the motherboard which is unfortunately the most expensive part AND out of stock.

But there are some repair shops that have experience with repairing FP1’s USB port.
You could ask someone from a #localcommunities near you if they can recommend one.


As far as I know, the USB port of the FP1/FP1U is on the mainboard, unfortunately. :frowning: You might have a look into this thread or the list of repair shops that might be able to help you.

Edit: Oh, sorry. @paulakreuzer was faster. :smiley:


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