Is the Fairphone 4 compatible to freestyle libre 3, dexcomg6 and/or the mylife ypso insulin pump?

Hello everyone!
I am thinking about getting the fairphone 4. Since I have type one diabetes it is however quite important that my phone is compatible to my medical devices. The official support could not help me out here so if there are any diabetes tech enthusiasts I would really appreciate your help!
I would need the “Mylife”, “Mylife Cam APS” and either “freestyle libre 3” or “dexcom g6” app to run on it. Maybe someone who already uses the fp4 can look if those are available on the app store?
Thank you so much!

The apps are all available in the playstore. But I can’t check how they work, as I have no diabetes.

My French is not good however I think dexcom is not working out of the box

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