Is the call volume on loudspeaker too loud on your FP3?

Hi there! I have a brand new FP3 and have issues with the call volume - the minimum volume of thee loudspeaker is extremely loud. Does anyone else have the same issue?

The issue seems to be the call volume of the loudspeaker (the media volume is OK e.g. for watching videos on YouTube) and it happens on WhatsApp, Messenger and normal phone calls. It doesn’t happen in calls when I use the ‘normal’ speaker (as opposed to the loudspeaker).

The minimum call volume on the loud speaker is louder than the maximum call volume on my old phone.

I’ve contacted FP support but still waiting to hear back as they’re very busy at the moment.
I’ve tried everything (removing SIM, battery, FP technical help, restore to factory settings…) and the problem persists.

I’m still in time to ask to replace my phone, but also wanted to know how likely it is that the replacement FP will have the same issue. This is a feature I need to use daily so I just can’t use the phone this way.

Many thanks!

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Just wondering: where and how did you set the speaker‘s volume? I have to issue with an overly high volume on my FP3.

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Hi Thomas,

I set it with the volume buttons, on the side of the phone. I see the call volume going up and down, but the lowest volume is still very loud. The person I was speaking with could even hear himself.

Thank you


I’m very happy with the level of the audio on my FP3 during calls through the “ear” speaker (not the main speaker) from the day I bought it, a year ago. I’m using the original Fairphone 3 (not the FP3+ version), so I don’t know if this is common problem with the “Top+ module” or something, but I don’t remember to read about this issue in the forum (nor with the old module). Maybe it is a probel just on your unit, or maybe is a software bug related to the recent Android 10 update.

Anyway, and just to clarify it, I can adjust the volume of the “internal” “ear” speaker via Settings -> Sound:

I’m sorry I can’t be of much help. I wish you FP support will answer you soon. Best of luck!

Thank you for taking the time to answer!

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Same issue, the volume is too loud for anything coming out of the speaker at the bottom-left (only the private communication volume, with the phone grip handle, uses the top speaker and is quiet enough, see screenshot by Mixigodo).

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I just received my FP3+ and have the same issue with a really high volume of ringtones (Whatsapp). Mediavolume (tested with Youtube) seems to be okay.

It’s certainly is when I use it to calls - Messenger, phone, Zoom, Meet etc.

I have the same problem in my fairphone 3+
Call volume on loudspeaker is extremely loud even on the lowest volume setting

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Just to add myself to the list of people who can’t decrease call volume…

I tried both with the HW volume control on the left of the phone (the two buttons) and with the SW control (in Settings → Sounds → Volume → Call volume).

In both cases the graphical slider reaches zero but the volume is still loud.

It’s the same thing both with the loudspeaker and the “normal” speaker.


As this an unusual problem the questions are inevitably:

What OS ? What update? How is the SD formatted?

What apps have you installed? Have you tired ‘Safe mode’

Have you tried a factory reset?

And although the following deals with USB config check
Settings > Sytem > Advanced > Developer options > DEfault USB config
Disable absolute volume, it may have some impact on switching.

It sounds like you have some app that is taking control of the speakers, so if it works under safe mode disable all apps you can and enable one by one.

My FP3+ has got the factory OS updated to the last patch released a couple of weeks ago. SD is formatted as a pure storage not as an extension of the internal storage.

Among the apps I have installed the only ones that are somehow related to phone calls are WhatsApp, Telegram, Meet and Signal.

I’ll give a try to your suggestions about the Developer Options and restarting in safe mode as both sound interesting.

As far as the “factory reset” is concerned, I think there’s a bad habit of considering it among the first things to do to whenever and whatever the problem is.

Performing a factory reset means throwing away days spent in finding the right configuration for your phone and installing the right apps set, with the only justification of tempting fate. It’s more or less like throwing a bottle in the ocean when you’re lost on a 100 square feet island surrounded by sharks.

So I propose a moratorium on suggesting factory resets and limit this suggestion to situations where:

  1. the problem is a major issue preventing a user from using most important device functions


  1. factory reset is known to be a solution of the problem OR the user has already tried a lot of workarounds without any success

Performing a factory reset reminds me the “have you tried reinstalling the operating system?” in the good old days of Windows 95.

So, to answer your question, no I didn’t try a factory reset and I’m not going to try it :slight_smile:



My questioning was if you had done a reset, definitely not one of the first things to do, more the last thing to do before sending to Fairphone for an official checkup :slight_smile:

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Approached from the other side the question would be: Why would this take days in the first place? Either that’s an unnecessary exaggeration or an unnecessary complication of matters which should be streamlined.

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Yes, I agree that a factory reset should be the last-ditch curative measure before sending the device for repair. I imagine that’s the first thing they’ll do with it anyway.

As I see it, a factory reset can be performed for either or both of two reasons:

  1. To distinguish between a HW and a SW problem, since we know that the HW is reputedly functional when running in initial conditions.

  2. To save time hunting for and solving a SW problem. But in that case, starting in Safe Mode should be attempted first (as suggested above by @amoun), as this will have, temporarily, a similar effect, as far as apps are concerned - though not all settings. If starting in Safe Mode makes the problem go away, then one can choose between either:

  • a factory reset (preceded by backup and copious notes on apps and settings) followed by progressive reinstallation of the apps;
  • progressively removing the installed apps and / or returning to their default settings, which can take a long time.

So a lot depends how close the phone’s current configuration is to factory settings.

It’s important, when asking if a factory reset has been done, to remind users that this will wipe all their apps and data. The danger is, that some people may take the question for a suggestion… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry for this hot air, just thinking aloud really :upside_down_face:


Hot air keeps the balloon afloat, it’s the direction of the wind that can be disorientating as you pointed out, a question may seems like a suggestion.

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