Is the 3/3+ the same size as any popular smartphone?

I would LOVE to have a smartphone that’s durable, modular and above all fair but… I want one that can accomodate a wallet cover and preferably in a size that’s common enough that a decent quality Liverpool FC wallet cover is available

Just look in the specs.


The specs say 5.65 inch screen and nothing about whether it’s the same size in that or other measurements as any other smartphone.

The customer service rep I talked to on the phone knew that the 3 and the 3+ are the same size but referred me to the forums for further info.

So far she’s told me one thing pertinent to my question and you (Dose) have told me less than nothing by giving me no new information and bad advice in just five words…

Just do a search with “5.65 inches display smartphone”.
Huawei P smart, Huawei Honor 9 Lite are two examples of smartphones with a display exactly the same size as the FP3.

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Sorry for being short with you… I wanted to find out whether the Fairphone 3 is the same size as a popular smartphone without having to start a spreadsheet of the dimensions of all smartphones, which is why your “rtfm” reply annoyed me. That said, you probably meant well

Are they of the same thickness too though? I’d hate for my cover to be too small or too loose to fit my phone…

So the FP3(+) site show no measurements?

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Specs (under the header ‘design’) say:

Length 158 mm
Width 71.8 mm
Thickness 9.89 mm
Weight: 189g

Plugging those dimensions into a phone finder search (e.g.: gsmarena, no spreadsheet needed) will tell you there’s no phone with the exact same dimensions. That’s with fairly small tolerances, so there may be some universal case models that are flexible enough to still fit. Some physical stores may allow you to test the fit, they may even have nice staff that can help you look for a case that fits.

This forum topic could also be useful for alternative. There’s a couple of other topics floating around about the lack of flip cases. I’ll leave that search as an exercise for the reader.

If you get grumpy responses or ‘let me google that for you’ links, it might be because people feel you’re requesting that someone does your homework for you.


That’s quite a specific request, isn’t it?
And you really want some users in this forum to find out for you?

Here’s a link to a wallet for the FP3/FP3+ (made by Anna Treurniet):

Well, no Liverpool print.
You might apply a sticker on your own.
Since the UK is not even the biggest market for Fairphone, I guess your chances are low, that there will be a flipcase for the Fairphone 3/3+ with FC Liverpool design (especialle with the correct holes for the camera and fingerprint sensor).


I know Pixel 3a XL is the same size but fairphone is slightly thicker.

Thanks for all the info and helpful pointers, especially especially after I was so rude at first!

Special thanks to BertG who not only provided links to wallet cases but also pointed out that I could just put a LFC sticker on any case! I feel so stupid for not making that obvious connection myself lol.

PS: not that it matters to the matters at hand, but not all fans of LFC are from the UK, I for one are am a Danish guy living in Denmark

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Thanks @AnotherElk, if this is the explanation to this.
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I changed my “email” settings to “never” now. Thanks for your explanation.

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True. I already guessed something like that by your username.
Just for the fun of it, and because I have nothing better to do right now. :wink: Here’s why I still referred to the UK:
I guess that fan-stuff for the british premier league will most likely be sold in the UK.
And according to an interesting new techcrunch-arcticle for the FP3 with an interview by Bas van Abel:

For now, the biggest market for Fairphones is still Germany, per van Abel. While he says its focus for sales of the new portfolio is to push for more growth in Germany, with France, Holland and the UK its other main markets of continued focus. “We’re aiming more also at Scandinavia,” he adds.

So, Scandinavia is just up and coming, while the UK already is a bigger market for the Fairphone.
Maybe you can help FP in spreading the FP in Scandinavia. :wink: :grinning:

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From the specs:

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