Is switching from selfcompiled to FP Open without loosing data possible?

I have used a self compiled version of FP OS so far and would now like to switch to FP Open to stay up to date without the need to compile it once a month myself (the only change I did to my self compiled version was including the patch for unifiedNLP, and this seems now to be included in FP Open – thus I don’t see any reason to stay with my self compiled version).
The official update page mentions that you will loose all your apps and data. On the other hand I believe I did read somewhere (sorry, lost source) that it should be possible to flash only single image files using fastboot and thus preserving e.g. the data partition.

As I’m no android expert, I would like to know if it is possible to switch from the self compiled version to the FP Open version without loosing my data/app settings and if possible neither the installed apps? (Which image files would I need to flash (boot, cache, recovery, system, userdata)? Which command to run?)

Thanks for any input!

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
Boot TWRP. Backup your system, better late than sorry
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img

PD: excuse my brevity. I’m on-the-way


The update was successfully. Some (system) settings got lost during the update, as well as the calendar/contact sync seemed to have a small hiccup, but everything works again right now.
Thanks again for your help.

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Just for curiosity: would this work the same when switching from FP OS (Standard, 1.4.2) to FO Open OS (16.06)?

Yes, mostly, but I suggest a fresh install if possible. FPOS-GMS and FP Open OS differ on Google apps. When switching from GMS to Open, the data of each Google app is kept and Google apps installed on userspace (i.e. Google Play Services and app upgrades) could cause troubles.

If you want to keep your data, just root FPOS-GMS (or dirty-install Open OS), backup apps (e.g. with oandbackup), backup internal storage to your computer and fresh-install Open OS.


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