Is support answering?

HI all,
I got in touch with supporto on august, (#194354) because of a defective camera. I was told that my FP2 had to be replaced. There has been (and there’s still) an issue with pickup procedure.
I’m waiting since 2 months to have some feedback. Is it normal?
Thank you all.

Definitely no - I opened my case three weeks ago and my Fairphone 2 is already in the Netherlands now by DHL by pickup service - no idea how long it will take from now though

It’s not normal, but support is currently having a backlog. See here:

To get a fast reply call them.

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I got a first e-mail answer (about a connectivity problem) within 14 days. In this time I managed to solve the problem on my own…so I don’t know how long “real” support takes.

But two months seems to be a bit long even for a replacement issue.

Just in case this is relevant:

(and as an addition to the topic linked above: the commercial invoice is apparently normally e-mailed to you by Fairphone support when the return request is approved - needs to be printed and handed over on pickup)

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