Is my FP2 dying?

Before we start I KNOW there are other posts on the following topics, but my phone is suffering from all three of them.

Certainly, since the latest update 18.09.2 (which my phone says is the latest update) I’ve been having the following problems:

1/ Random reboots - sometimes as many as 6 in a couple of hours. I know about the “loose battery” problem, but this can happen even when the phone is sitting on a table etc. Interestingly the reboots seem to happen most often when it is plugged in to charge.

2/ Doesn’t always detect wifi - although it shows my home wifi in the list. it rarely connects, even if I select the relevant one (and when in the same room as the wifi router).

3/ Battery can drain very fast - sometimes going from 30% to 0 in a couple of minutes, or one minute showing 50%, rebooting and then saying 1%. Although, admittedly this was happening before the latest update, but does seem to have increased.

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Please see the rebootsguide .

Please see the “Wifi issues” section here …

Please see the batteryguide .


The for the fast response.

I have checked the “wifi issues” section, and have tried all that have been mentioned but to no avail. Well, restarting the phone does reconnect to the wifi but only for a short while (say a few hours).

I have tried the battery suggestions - aside from the sim card one, because…

I going to work my way through these suggestions over the next couple of days (thankfully now on my Christmas break) and will see if any of them help to track down the problem. It maybe that a sim card issue could be affecting both the reboots AND the battery.


This does’nt sound like a hardware problem and also not like you could treat the problems individualy, but more like something that could be fixed by a new version. I recommend rooting the device and making a backup, then flashing an older version or maybe LinageOS.

Perfom a hard reset after you backup current content and then buy a new battery if the current one has at least 2 years. Maxell batteries kinda sucks more than Samsung batteries, unfortunately.

Thanks everyone,

I have now done a factory reset and will let you know how it goes.

Before doing the reset (and what was the final straw) was I also noticed that randomly my phone would not make or receive calls. I didn’t know this is happening of course until I got notification that I have a voicemail and yet the phone didn’t ring.

So, since the factory reset on 28th December, so far it has partially cured the multiple reboots - most of the time while charging now, it only reboots once.

The wifi problem appears settled. But my battery still loses charge quite quickly, so will be purchasing a new one.

Sorry, to hear about your battery problems. But happens to all samrtphones.

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