Is my fp1 dying

Help folks please. Every time I try to do anything with my fp 1 it restarts. It has been grumpy for weeks, getting slower and slower,the slide shape unlock sometimes freezes the phone, several apps have stopped working. Any other ideas apart from hard reset if I can get it to stay turned off. I’ll try a backup now but I’m not hopeful

How’s the internal storage? Crammed or is there enough wriggle room left?

It’s not stuffed full - I have been having problems putting stuff on the memory card. I just tried a hard reset and got a picture of the android robot lying on his back with a door in his stomach open which didn’t look good! Then it tried to restart again.

I think the android robot picture was just what should happen on the way to a hard reset. Did you briefly press the power button once the robot appeared on the screen?

I press the power button then it gets me to the screen where I could do a factory reset if the phone didn’t start rebooting before I could do the command. Any ideas?

It reminds me a little bit of a broken power button (that is the “internal” power button on the mother board, not the power button you can see on the FP1’s outside). But I would rather encourage others to chime in here to offer better ideas.


OK, yes I saw another thread about that, I’ll go have a read and se if it anything sounds familiar. Thanks

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Yep, I’d also say it’s a broken power button. A #localrepairshop could repair it for you. Basically they only need to solder in a new button for under 2€ (+time costs).

Thanks Stefan, I can’t find anyone in Bath who will even try to repair it even if I find the button, very frustrating…

That would be a shame. You should tell them that there are repair guides available:

They only need to have a soldering iron with a fine point.

OK now the trouble starts - I have borrowed a soldering iron and I am beginning preparations. I’ve never used a soldering iron and only taken the phone apart once. But still, what’s the worst thing that can happen, the phone is dead at the moment, whatever I do to it isn’t going to make it any more dead!

Good luck! Be very careful, though. Do you already have a new button at hand?

Hi Stefan, yes I’ll be careful, and I don’t have the button yet - I won’t start until I do have one.

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HI there,

I totally know what you mean. My phone died over a period as well, starting with the Wifi not working any more and then randomly turning off. Now its dead, but at leas I was able to save the contacts and photos…

Maybe it had to do with the daughterboard but who knows.

Now my mom, who owns a FP herself got my battery for the case her battery dies and I got a replacement phone.

Best of luck with the repair!

OK It didn’t work, it was optimistic at best so now I have some spares available… iPhone here I come :disappointed:

I had the same problem three months ago. I found out it happened with a few apps, including facebook. I updated (manually since I am not using google services) and it never happened again. I didn’t change anything regarding card usage except removing some apps.

What exactly did not work? Did you try the soldering and did not succeed?

Yes Stephan - I tried the soldering and didn’t succeed so I think I have exhausted my options - neither of the mobile phone ‘repair’ shops in Bath will look at the phone because they have never heard of fairphone. Disappointing…

That is disappointing. The best you can do now is offer your motherboard in the #market:offered in case that someone wants to try the repair themselves or take it to a repair shop that is not lazy and/or full of cowards.

Hi Stephan, I agree, very disappointing - looks like I might be able to help out several people who are looking for spares. I’ll have one last look for someone who might be prepared to try the soldering.

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