Is lineage-14.1-20180314 unstable?

Hallo there, I had at least 3 reboots since yesterday
One while charging
One while sleeping
One while using the phone in the bus…
and later the tram went out of order, ok, forget that…

Previous LOS verions where more stable (not perfect, but much better)
Anyone the same experience?
Is it save to reinstall an older LOS version w/o dataloss?

Thanks for not proposing the reboot guide :slight_smile:

From my side, not a single with LineageOS, and not with the last updates either.

It’s never recommended to downgrade.
If issues appear right after an upgrade the first thing to try is usually reinstalling the upgrade, to fix something that might have gone wrong during the upgrade process.

Hi Paula, ok, I’ reinstalling the same version right now, let’s see how it works out.

Bad idea, now it’s stuck at the “Fairphone powered by A…” Screen, a really bad day!

Can you still get into #dic:recoverymode? There you could apply the update from a zip on the SD card.

Short answer: yes
Long answer: after pulling out the battery… I always install updates via recovery, so I installed this version a 3rd time, now LOS has started up again (puhh)
I think I won’t update my phone while I’m at work any time soon.
Update 22.03.2018
I think after some stable days, it’s ok to say that the combination of old Gravitybox and new LOS caused the troubles, let’s see how the next version of LOS behaves :slight_smile:


No instability here since Wednesday.

Hi there, I have already upgraded to march 21th version, but I’ve been using the 14th some days and didn’t notice anything different to the previous ones.

Me too, I guess that the older version of Gravitybox (a tweaking tool) caused my troubles

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