Is it still safe to use FP1?

I just wondered, what are the risks of using my FP1? And can these risks be mitigated?

Maybe you will find some inspiration and tips in this thread (and the links therein):

(When searching for “android 4.2 security issues” this thread even is the top-result ;)).

Nop, its outdated software means it lacks proper security updates, too. You’ll be more covered with alpha 4.4 builds in terms of security, but not up-to-date neither (and with some bugs, because its a work-in-progress).

Threads can always be mitigated almost entirely if you don’t connect your FP1 to any wifi, nor mobile data, nor use Bluetooth or other connectivity aside from calls and SMS, and not charging your phone in other way than with a wallcharger in your house. But that renders your smartphone basicaly at the level of a feature phone —not ideal.

It’s maybe a way in which using only mobile data (phone network) and apps from Google Play (with its security scrutiny) you can be, well, “”“almost”"" secure. With triple quotes, because you trust your security to the security measurements of your mobile network provider (and cell towers maintenance) and Google, both of which have security holes from time to time. But I won’t recommend it.

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sorry - you’re right. I should have looked up first. Lazy me… :-/ Thanks for pointing me to it.

thanks a lot for the clarification.

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