Is it possible to use Wifi and mobile data simultaneously?

On my old phone (Huawei P10) I had setting which allowed me to support my wifi via mobile data, if the wifi signal wasn’t good enough. This didn’t work perfectly, but it helped a bit, since my wifi quality varies a lot.

I can’t find this option on my FP3, so I often have to manually deactivate the wifi, when it’s slow again, to use my mobile data instead (which I have plenty of, but not enough that only want use that).

Do any of know a solution for this? I would also be interested in other solutions, even if root etc is required, to improve the data use!

Hi uberjack,

the feature that you’ve mentioned is Huawei specific. Plain Android (and basically that is what Fairphone uses) does not have this option AFAIK.

You might want to try a bonding VPN like, e.g., Speedify instead.


Hi Uberjack,

I think that maybe the option you are looking for is present in the FP3 as well… You should go to Settings->System->Developer Options and find the toggle “Mobile data always active”. If you enable that, the handover from low wifi signal to mobile data should be quicker (of course you use a bit more battery).
Check if it helps!

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