Is it possible to upgrade a rooted FP2 without first unrooting it?

Perhaps in this case it’s going to be easier to paste this command:
set PATH="%PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot"
as the first line into flash.bat. The original contents of the flash.bat should then start on the second line (i.e. we’re adding a single line at the top). After this running flash.bat should give the desired result.

What the command does, is tell flash.bat where it can find the fastboot program on your system. Fastboot is able to find your phone (judging by your previous screenshot), so that’s all good to go. What you’re getting stuck at, is the cmd only knowing about the fastboot command when you’re in the exact folder it is installed in. As said, the command just adds the folder where you’ve installed fastboot to the places to look for commands that aren’t in the folder in which you’re working.

Ok, sadly this didn’t work as well (I have no idea why!) but I was able to get it done! Not the cleanest solution, but in the end I just copied everything from the .zip folder right into the programm folder of ADB and it was finally able to find the correct directory! Thanks for the help!!

Hi everyone,

A new update is available, since it’s the first update from Android 6 to Android 6 any feedback or remark about it will be appreciated!

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Worked flawlessly for me; you’ll have to use this new file:


And of course the matching rooted boot.img (Please be aware, that it’s bad (and was ever a bad idea) to use an old boot.img as some users reported serious WiFi-Issues).


Thanks again, working perfectly.

Is it a problem that with this method, the phone doesn’t optimizing the apps after each update?

It may depend on the apps. I did the official upgrade and with my 250+ apps while 17.04.3 had 150+ apps “optimized” (I don’t remember the numbers for 17.04.8 anymore) 17.05.2 only “optimized” (compiled) 2 apps in total. It is basically a recompile of the Java bytecode for the (most, i.e. Java) apps which matter. For this update obviously it almost doesn’t matter for many apps. So I would say: Don’t worry too much if in your case it didn’t have to “optimize” anything…



update via TWRP from 17.04.8 to 17.05.2 does not work. Error 7. :frowning:
The device is rooted.

many greetz

Edit: I have now updated it with the complete image (flash.bat) and it works. :slight_smile:

@retsifp, thanks so much! - works perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

I confirm update worked flawlessly, re-enabled root with @retsifp’s boot image and also restored XPosed :slight_smile:
Thank you @retsifp :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @retsifp for keeping up the server with the rooted boot img’s !

Would it be possible to do the upgrade procedure from the SD-card?
I already have a rooted FP2 17.04.8, but that was done via pc with adb. I wonder if I could use the installed TWRP recovery to flash the 17.05.2-manual.zip, then your rooted boot.img (and then Xposed).

Hey @retsifp,
the directory for the root file is empty…

many greetz

Pls don’t link directly, since the links get outdated. :wink:
Should be there, but I’m on lineage, so can’t test. :wink:

Now there are files in the folder.

Lineage would be an alternative for me, but I’m still waiting for the final version. :slight_smile:

I was also hoping for this. Does anybody know if it is possible?

As of 17.06.4 Fairphone’s shell script became much more sophisticated. Here’s what I did (using Linux) in order to upgrade from 17.05… to 17.06.4 (with retsifp’s rooted boot.img):

  1. Perform a backup with TWRP

  2. Download the latest ZIP file (currently 17.06.4) from section “… Flash the binary images from a computer”:

  3. extract the ZIP in an empty directory

  4. download “retsifp”'s rooted boot-image

  5. replace Fairphone’s ZIP-file’s “…images/boot.img” with retsifp’s boot.img

  6. run “md5sum boot.img” and “sha256sum boot.img” to get the hashes, then update the corresponding line in MD5SUM and SHA256SUM files with the newly generated ones

  7. turn off FP2, connect it to the PC and boot FP2 into fastboot mode (Power + VolDown)

  8. flash everything by running “sh flash-for-unix.sh


Since you are already editing the script, you can just remove (or comment it out) the md5 check directly. So you can save the time with the generation of the checksums :wink:


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