Is it possible to uninstall TWRP/go back to stock recovery?

I want to update my FP2 to Android 6 (17.04.8), but as of now it seems like it’s not possible with the common methods using the TWRP zip install feature. Since the FP Updater App tries to boot into the stock recovery to install the update, it doesn’t work either.

Now I was wondering: Is it possible to uninstall TWRP, go back to the stock recovery, perform the update and reinstall TWRP?

There seems to be a solution to update with TWRP installed using fastboot, but I’m not super familiar with that, so I would prefer an easier method, even if it takes a little longer!

To get back stock recovery, just flash the recovery.img from your current Android version over TWRP, with

fastboot flash recovery filename.img

thanks for the quick reply! do you know where I can find that recovery.img? I’m currently running 1.13.0

You can alternatively (if you have fastboot already) install it this way.

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You can follow @retsifp’s advise, or download the package of the latest Android version here. Just unzip the archive, and you’ll find a recovery.img inside, which then can be flashed as described above.

Thanks for your replies, sorry I’m only commenting now, been pretty busy!

I tried your instructions retsifp, but something didn’t work, I replied to your original post!

Thanks to freibadschwimmer for providing the link, will try this if flashing the update wont work!

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