Is it possible to flash LineageOS via fastboot?


just wondering if there is someone out there who can give me a little hint how to flash LineageOS via fastboot.

I downloaded the latest nightly zip, unzipped it but now I’m a bit confused about the content.

It is not to critical. My primary phone is running without any issue with LineageOS.

I wanted to try this way with my second FP2, which I just use to test some stuff. It currently does not have an external SD-card in it (of course it would be possible to put all the stuff on an mirco SD-card, stick the card into the phone and flash everything I need via TWRP as usual)

But in this case I thought there should be a way to directly flash it via fastboot.
The phone is currently completely empty only the latested TWRP (3.2.3-0) recovery is installed.
So I also cannot boot normal into an OS and transfer the nightly zip (and everything else I would like to flash) e.g. via adb.

Unfortunately in the unzipped nightly I don’t find any or file like I remember it from FPOpen. Furthermore I read that it should also be possible to flash the images for boot , bootloader , radio , recovery , system , and vendor one by one as needed. But I don’t find any of these images in there as well.

Can someone with a bit more expierience explain this to me or give me a hint how to flash LineageOS via fastboot?


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Why not use TWRP’s ADB Sideload feature in this case?
With ADB Sideload you can use the same ZIPs as you would use with Install in TWRP.

For reference (different device, but TWRP works the same) …


Otherwise, once in TWRP you can transfer the zip (from your computer) on your internal memory via usb cable… If you don’t have a micro-SD at hand :slight_smile:


Thanks @AnotherElk and @oli.sax !

Both solutions work very well.

At least the last one was probably too easy. :smiley:
I did not notice that the internal storage is also visible (e.g. in the OS File Explorer/Manager - “Nautilus”/“Files” in case of PureOS or other Linux OS with GNOME Desktop) when you boot into TWRP.

Also the sideload is pretty easy:
In TWRP go to Advanced → ADB Sideload (and active via slider so that the phone is ready to receive a zip on this way)
Then simply go to the folder where you stored the zips on your PC and execute the adb sideload

E.G. here I wanted to zip a nightly and the su addon zip (you have to reactive sideload in between):

adb sideload 
Total xfer: 1.00x
adb sideload 
Total xfer: 1.73x

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