Is it possible to disable the banner about new or updated topics?


Can I disable the marked part of the screenshot somehow?

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Seconded. That would be a HUGE relief.

My own way of dealing with this for now

As I am doing without a mouse for a while now and still dislike and try to reduce to a minimum my use of touch/trackpads, I finally taught myself some of the shortcuts (see the list by pressing SHIFT + ? on a QWERTZ keyboard). So as a workaround in this case, I now just type G + N (Go New) and then X + R and eventually G + H (Go Home) to return. But would still appreciate if Ingo’s wish could be realized.
UPDATE: My “workaround” only works with new topics, not updated ones.

I mean there is always the possibility to hide it the hard way via user styles.

This works in Firefox and the “Stylus” add-on

@-moz-document domain("") {
.alert.alert-info.clickable {
    display: none

No sure if it will also hide e.g. the maintenance notification banners, though.


Was stört an dieser kleinen Nachricht?

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So verschieden sind die Geschmäcker, sagte der Bäcker …


Did anybody try to disable Live Notifications in the user profile - Preferences - Notifications? (Edit: Nope. These are just browser notifications. I tried.)

Or “Do not disturb” in the avatar menu (whatever that’s really called)? (Edit: Nope. I tried that, too.)

Ok, you’re on to something here.
Luckily for me, I find that banner immensely practical.

Same for me.
The thing is, it doesn’t appear for me anymore. Can anyone confirm?

For me it appears when the browser is open while a new or updated topic is created.


Oops yes, it seems I had “cosmetic filtering” enabled in µBlock Origin.

This is actually a solution to the problem and can be easily disabled and enabled again :slight_smile: I just tried setting a topic as a banner, it doesn’t seem to hide these banners, so it shouldn’t hide the maintenance notification banners.

I activated the option you suggested right after you brought it up here (I had UBlock Origin installed anyway), but I just got the “new or updated …” banner again. :frowning: (even after quitting and re-starting Firefox)

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Strange… For me, as soon as I enable (not disable) cosmetic filtering, it hides the banner, even without reloading the page.

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My browser cannot get updated anymore (78.15.0esr), might play a part here.

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Might be, I’m on 91.8.0esr with µBlock 1.42.2.

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