Is it possible to change the FP3 fingerprint sensor?

Hi, my FP3 fingerprint sensor is not working anymore (and never really worked satisfyingly…), I think mainly because it is damaged with stripes. I would like to change it, but I it seems this piece is not available in Fairphone store.
Did I missed something or is it really a piece that cannot be renewed ?

Thanks for your advice


Indeed it’s a part of the Rear Module that only the Repair Service has:

(You cannot order it outside a repair request).

You might want to create a Search topic in this forum’s inofficial marketplace, maybe someone with a broken motherboard has a used one no longer needed.

Should you get ahold of one, the fingerprint sensor should be relatively easy to replace. I think it might only take a Torx T5 screwdriver to be able to lift the motherboard etc. out of the rear module and access the fingerprint sensor, see

(skip Step 8)