Is it conceivable to update the camera on a FP3+?

I’ve been a blissful FP3+ client for one year. I simply disapprove of the photos I’m taking.
Quality is extremely low.
I’ve pondered purchasing a FP4, yet I’m contemplating whether there is any update choice for FP3+ clients? As I embraced the Fairphone vision and was wanting to save my gadget for quite a long time.

Much appreciated!

Welcome to the Community :+1:

Another camera hardware upgrade for the FP3 and FP3+ seems extremely unlikely. You might want to give other camera apps a try, for example Open Camera or the unofficial ports of Google’s Pixel camera app (the “Nikita” version is often recommended):


Howdy zanewiller,
the problem is not the FP3+ hardware but the camera app. I have a FP3 and upgraded to FP3+ camera module, but still had poor quality. Installing the Nikita GCam drastically improved the image quality. I had some minor issues, e.g. video conferencing is sometimes problematic, but I am really happy with the superior image quality.


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