Is is posible to use USB-C dock station (having: MHD/HDMI+mouse+keyboad and LAN)?


Which one USB-C docking station {having ports: MHD/HDMI+mouse+keyboad and LAN} is compatible with FairPhone 4 or FairPhone 5?
Does the FairPhone 5 support MHL/HDMI via USB-C adapter? Which one?

I would suggest to read a bit in the forum. For the FP5

There are topics for the FP4 as well…

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FP4 uses a veeery old Linux kernel. So if you see a 2.5 Gbit (or faster) LAN in the dock specs, it won’t work 99% (just the LAN port, the others should). I asked if there is possibility to get newer kernel, but the answer was basically no, never.

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