Is fairphone 4 soft case any good?


I cannot find any good Pictures for it. What I am used to from my old phone ( S7 ) is that the cover protects the front corner. It is thicker on top and bot borders in the front, which I have no problem with. I have often seen it Falling right on a single front corner at like 30° tilted and the case helped a lot. could you post a better picture if you own said product and tell me if it will protect the phone if it falls in such manner from 1 meter? The problem with most cases is that they are either a tank and to heavy or they only protect the back, which is useless. I do not like protective Glasses. I would also appreciate an alternative, if you have one in mind.


The official case has the edges raised about a millimeter above the display. It is pretty “fat”, so it definitely feels like a good protection.

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It protects sufficiently, but I wouldn’t call it fat. A fat and well protected case would be the Spigen Tough Armor (no FP model available). The official FP4 case is more like a thin solution.

You might also want to have a look here: Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives One option (mentioned in the aforementioned topic, too) for flip cases that cover both front and back is from Anna Treurniet, but it’s expensive (handcraft).

Here is another option with cases made from wood:

I read in another post this makes a pretty good protection for the FP3/4.

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It’s tricky to get a good picture of what you’re asking, below my best attempt.

The case protrudes about 2mm from the screen, so it does a good enough job of keeping the screen away from the surface when it drops.
It’s a bit less on mine because I have a Brotect screen protector on it as well.
I had the FP privacy screen protector on it originally but the soft protector did not extent enough to protect that as well, so the first time it dropped on the screen side the protector shattered, luckily the actual screen stayed intact.
The biggest downside of the soft protector I find is that it makes the fingerprint sensor very difficult to reach properly, as you can see, it sits really deep inside of the case, my phone rarely recognises fingerprints when I have the case on.

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Have you set new fingerprints with the case on?


I agree the soft case makes reading fingerprints more difficult but with a little extra care I have no problems.

I’m using the soft case together with the leather flip case from Anna Treurniet so very heavy but hopefully pretty robust. I haven’t yet done any practical tests such as dropping on hard floors :wink:

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