Is Fairphone 3 rootable?

My question is very simple, I just did not find this information on the website. I have a FP2 and I really like how it can be easily rooted even without strong IT competences. Is it the same for FP3?


Currently it is unknown how easy it is going to be so you will have to wait for the time being. The bootloader can be easily unlocked, that is for sure.


For reference … how to unlock the bootloader was mentioned here …

… now we just need to get our hands on the phone :slight_smile: .


I am trying to unlock the phone, and indeed, you first have to go to Developer’s options to enable OEM unlocking.

After booting on it (power + volume down), you can use fastboot to really unlock the bootloader, but this will completely wipe all data.

Edit: see here if you want to do it


It is easy to get an adb / fastboot connection. First I forgot to change one of the two settings you have to make on the phone (then “adb devices” does not show anything), but then it worked.

However, it just went to a white screen. Turned it off and on again, tried again -> white, flickering screen. At least no damage / loss of data (but I still had my backup / data on the old phone anyway).

You can see the standard bootloader with Power + Volume down while restarting, but it also does not show a line “DEVICE STATE - LOCKED”.

If rooting was possible, I would try it with Magisk and hope that the “hide root from certain apps” function works.

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