Is anyone using nextcloud on their fairphone?

I have a lot of problems with nextcloud and I m wondering if it s related to the Low specs of the fairphone itself.
Can someone tell me what s his experience with nextcloud ?

What are you trying to do? What are those problems?

I’ve used owncloud for contacts, calendar and cloud storage successfully even on my Fairphone 1. I doubt that specs should be the issue. But then I don’t know what you’re doing exactly.

I am using Nextcloud as my one and only cloud solution on my FP3, it works without any problems.

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Well nextcloud is not working entirely the same than ow cloud so I would totally believe you that it’s working fine for that.

Do you sync photos with your nextcloud ? The auto upload function? And do you erase the files from some folders like maybe the screenshots sections or maybe some messaging apps section ?
How much time does it take to upload a file ?
Does it file by file or several files at once ?

Does the nextcloud app hangs at any point ?
Like the pop up window to wait or close the app?
How much files do you have in auto upload ?

I have made a ticket under the same username on the GitHub of nextcloud Android if you want to look at it to see the screenshots.

And also did you at any point succeed to look at the logs of the nextcloud app through adb?

I use the Nextcloud app and it worked fine until I decided to try to auto upload my whole internal and external storage to my Nextcloud instance. It started to be very very slow (minutes to start) and then crash. So I think the app has issues if you try to sync too much. When I synced just pictures it worked fine on my FP3 though.

And how much are we talking about ?
And so which folder for example are you sure are working correctly for example ?

Hmm, the file manager doesn’t really give me useful info but I assume pictures would be a few GB. Internal + External storage at 65GB, Nextcloud does not like.

Yeah but I was more wondering about the number of files, I m not sure it s related to data capacity(but could be wrong)
And for the folder I was wondering which one did you select?




Depends on the situation, but if I am connected to Wifi, maybe 3 to 5 seconds per picture

Should be several files at once, I am not sure though


Only the Pictures taken by the Camera, so thats about 5 Gb worth of files

Could you verify that when you have the time. It s important.

How much files does it represent ?

Just checked: It is only one file at a time

Around 970

Okey all of that give me some very good leads to follow.

Does anyone among you tried to get the logs from the app through the adb command line recomanded on the GitHub of nextcloud Android ?

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