Is Android 6 responsive on FP2

If you take a current FP2 setup that is responsive, with however many apps running to still be responsive, does the UI get better or worse with Android 6 (over 5)? That’s something I’d like to know for sure before updating. If there is any delay between gestures/touches and their effects, it can get annoying, even with longer battery life.

There’s a couple of people mentioning that the beta releases feel snappier and more responsive than the Android 5 version, but it’s difficult to tell whether this translates to being able to run more apps before responsiveness becomes an issue. Your mileage may vary wildly, depending on which apps you’re trying to run.


I just updated so haven’t really had much time to test it out, but so far my experience is that my phone is indeed snappier now :slight_smile:


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