Is an expensive reparation worthwhile?

my FP3 broke (liquid damage, oxidation) and reparation (not under warranty) would be 317€. Do you think it’s worth fixing? I definitely like to continue with FP, so the question is if it makes more sense to opt for a new purchase, perhaps a (refurbished) second-hand than repair it. If this is the case, do you have any suggestion where I can buy second-hand FPs?

many thnx


Fairphone sell reburbished with a 2 year warranty.

Presumably the quote is down to the fact you have already sent it. You can have it returned, then you can dismantle clean and keep the parts. You may even get it working with a thorough clean, although that is not to be expected.

You may well be able to salvage:
The screen maybe fine as maybe the camera and other module. You will have a spare back cover and battery etc.


Indeed a difficult consideration. Whenever the core module is beyond repair and out of warranty, a replacement is so expensive the question is inevitable whether it is justified – basically, it comes close to buying a new bare bones device.

Refurbished FP3s are offered here: Fairphone Refurbished Overview (refurbished FP3+ currently not available).

On the other hand, the extended 5-year-warranty on the FP4 is an important factor in support for the FP4.

If you opt against the repair, might also be worth a look for you, although you will get very very little financial reward for a defect FP3.


Additional thought: If the Recycling reward is too small for your taste, you might want to look into selling parts of your FP3 still functional in this forum’s marketplace. From my impression, the modules of your FP3 would likely find varying interest, of course depending on each module’s condition (vaguely ranked from 1. most to 2. least interest, just my quick personal impression):

  1. Bumper (!)
  2. Bottom module
  3. Battery*
  4. Top module
  5. Camera module
  6. Speaker module

Actually, you might even want to consider offering parts of or your whole defect core module (Fairphone’s France repair centre actually lists the “rear module” as a separate spare part).

* only within your country, but I am frankly surprised how often I see people searching for used Fairphone batteries



I would definitely buy a second-hand FP3 that you can get for 200€ / 250€ and sell or give parts of the broken one away (or keep them for further maintenance on the one you buy).

I can introduce you to a FP3 owner on this forum who is going to sell soon his one.

Cheers :wink:


My FP3 has fallen for a very short moment into the bathtube. After drying (battery removed) the indication on the back (behind the battery) did not indicate that it had been wet (enough to trigger indication). The phone worked but it charged not in a reliable way like before. After further replacement of the bottom module and the battery it was fully fixed. So have a look on the indication - that could help you to decide if replacement of single parts makes sense.


There is no indicator behind the battery, you have to remove the screen to see it.
Here is an image of one that is red/pink


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