Is a screen protector necessary? Does it reduce touch sensitivity?

I want to buy the Fairphone 3+. I’m going to get the official black case, but I think the screen protector is recommended too to prevent the screen from breaking?

I’ve had my current phone (a Samsung) for 2 years and I don’t have a screen protector, only a case. I’ve dropped it many times and nothing has happened to the screen (actually I once dropped it face down without a case on the ground outside and it was totally fine lol). I like that the sides of its case go up a bit, protecting the screen - I guess it acts as a shock absorber. But I’ve seen people online say to definitely buy the screen protector. Is it important? I’d rather not buy a screen protector because I don’t really like them. I know some people use them to prevent scratches, but the only reason I’d buy them is to prevent the phone screen from cracking.

I’m worried because I saw a review saying that the screen protector reduces the sensitivity of the touch screen. Is this true? I’m planning to get the privacy screen protector. Thanks!

No and yes :slight_smile:

Totally unnecessary, as is a phone , :slight_smile: but it must effect the sensitivity but very little or they wouldn’t be used.

And apparently, from topics, the privacy screen only helps to reduce from the top left and top right.


Ahh, I don’t mind if the privacy screen protector doesn’t really give me privacy because I’m getting it to protect the screen from cracks rather than for privacy :slight_smile: but will the screen protector actually prevent the phone screen from cracking?

Protection will help but how much ?? It is more to stop small scratches than cracks from dropping or being hit by a stone thrown up by a passing vehicle.


A screen protector might not prevent cracks, but it might hold cracked display glass together and let you operate the phone halfway safely (without cutting your finger tip), as long as the touchscreen works despite the crack(s).


I can’t tell for the FP3 screen protectors specifically, but in general tempered glass protects quite a bit. I know someone who accidentally banged a hammer over the screen of his FP2, the screen protector was completely destroyed but the display didn’t have a scratch. That’s the point of a screen protector: it takes the impact and breaks instead of the screen.


In this case I wouldn’t buy one for the FP3. This protector may be important for a phone which is nearly a total loss when the screen brakes (because it’s difficult and expensive to change the screen). With the FP3 it’s easy and affordable to change a cracked screen, so I would just go that risk.


Is there a replacement screen available to buy? I can’t seem to find one on the website!


It‘s here Fairphone 3 Display - Replace your screen easily | Fairphone


Thanks, is there one that ships to the UK?

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@Incanus Ah! after going to the ‘Spares’ page Fairphone 3 has to be selected as it doesn’t show on the default page for spares.

On the main page select United Kingdom … as delivery address and English as language

to get



On the desire to have a screen protector. If you work in a gritty environment, on the beach or on a building site the screen protector will no doubt protect the screen from abrasions.

Generally I note that more protection often leads to lack of care. If you don’t wear shoes you are more likely to watch where you put you feet, but if you want to walk over nettles and brambles shoes may be the thing.


I work outside managing land and used to reside on a boat, my pockets are full of debris. I’ve left a phone in a field overnight and dropped one in a tidal river for over 12 hours (not my new FP3+) and have salvage the phones.

What really became a problem was debris getting in the, USB style, charging/data port and causing charging problems etc. Cleaning worked but after a while the USB port became unusable. Luckily on FP3 the USB port is part of a replaceable module, ~ so I am more concerned about the USB port than the screen. So I bought a case and inserted a thin slip of non-woven fabric.

I’ve never damaged a phone screen in 25 years though I often get passed down some that have, from my children :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! That’s really helpful.

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I didn’t try the original Fairphone one but a different one. That definitely reduced touch sensitivity at least with a touch pen.

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