Is 8901.4.A.0025.0 available for FP3 ? How?

Sorry if this is a FAQ (maybe I didn’t search properly), but how do I get:

Fairphone OS version 0025.0

Release date: 11th Sep 2023
Android version: 11
Software Version: 8901.4.A.0025.0
Security Patch Level: 5th Aug 2023

My FP3 still bothers me every week or so with the Android 13 major update, which I want to delay as much as possible (and stay with 11 until security updates stop sometime in 2024 as announced), but I don’t see how to get 8901.4.A.0025.0

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The detailed explanation is in this post: FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update - #347 by mikiballester

Summary: the Android 11 updates for the FP3 will no longer be available via the system update on the phone but will require a manual installation.

The necessary files should be on but right now the latest A11 file is for 0023.0 and not 0025.0.
Maybe it will just take some time to appear there as well to match the version listed on


ok, that’s what I understood; it’s just that I was surprised not to find the 0025 files :wink:
will check every now & then

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