Irregularly, I got an Unknown beep, without any message

I checked Messages, Phone, WhatsApp & even (Settings > Clock >) Alarms: no alarm set at that time. Only in 1 case there was a message from WhatsApp.

Q1. Who can help me solve this mystery? and more important, what I want is:

• When there is a beep, which mostly occurs during the screen is off, that, when i turned it on, I see a clear message what app had beeped, and I want that message to stay until I acknowledge it!!!
Especially because once I SAW during, 1 second or less, a message, but couldn’t read it (it was, for me, far too fast) neither could I get it back!!!

• I ALWAYS want to have such a message, not like now once out of 10.

PS: (in Settings > Apps > Phone > All Phone Notifications is ON but greyed out.
Q2. What does this mean? I know grey mains: “you can’t change it”, which is the case, but if so, why is put it there? What’s its purpose? Or is it just to inform?

It’s important to distinguish between “messages”, as received in your mail, Whatsapp, SMS etc.; and “notifications” which are generated by apps and which appear for a short time on on the screen, and are generally accompanied by a sound according to your settings.

Notifications allow apps to inform you that something has happened. When your mail app receives a message, if you have enabled the app to send you notifications, it will show a notification on the screen. On the lock screen, details are not generally shown, but just the name of the app that wants to call your attention.

You can see the complete list of recent notifications over the last 24 hours, by going to Settings > Notifications > Notification history.

Some notifications may disappear without waiting for your dismissal. You can prolong the time they are shown by going to Settings > Accessibility > Timing controls > Time to take action.
Be aware that this setting is not observed by all apps, and that it will change the behaviour of all apps that do observe it. So probably the best, is to consult the Notification history as mentioned above.

Notifications that haven’t been dismissed can normally be seen by swiping down from the top, in the Quick Settings panel.

Notifications from the phone app cannot be disabled (otherwise the app wouldn’t be able to tell you that someone is calling you!)
The setting is grey, because you can’t change it, but it’s there because the settings of all apps have to be visible in Settings. That way, you know where the setting is, and you know that that particular setting cannot be changed.


My two cents is that even with notifications disabled, I still get a popping sound when someone sends me a message on Messenger.

Maybe some other app is doing the same to you?

This evening (it’s 21:06 here) I discovered that even gmail is ending me a beep… without message. So that makes 4
SMS, missed phone call, & normal call (which is clear but sometimes disappears also), WhatsApp & gMail*.
PS: except WhatsApp, I don’t have any additional or non)-standard apps


When/where is no notification? Not on the locked screen, not in the pull down menu, nowhere?

What are your general notification settings? Are notifications allowed on lock screen or is this disabled?

I see notifications on the lock-screen until I open it or swipe it away,
while I see it only very short on the locked (black) screen (not sure this is what is described here, as most notifictions do not require an action I would say)

Edit to visualize:

My lockscreen

Same notifications in the pull down menu

And notifications ins the statusbar


Dear @OldRoutard, I thank you so much. I even think I might consider it solved.
The nice way to tell what taps to do, is immensely helpful for me.
I know I did the “Settings > Notifications > Notification history” yesterday, but I must have accidentally switched it off. So today’s no history. But at least it helped me to switch it on again.
I’m also grateful for the difference you taught me, between “messages” and “notifications”
Next time I do the Swipe from bottom to top in… the “Quick Settings panel”. That’s probably the one I get in when tapping to bottom circle, isn’t it?
I was looking for its name, I thought it was the “main screen” or something alike, and in the mean time I discovered others call it “home screen” or the “app launcher”
Also thanks also for acknowledging what I thought about the greying stuff (Notifications from the phone app).
So yes, It solved.

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I see your answer now. Thank you for all those screenshots… even if I don’t understand in which app you got those notifications or info from. Is it in “Settings > Notifications”?
And “pull down menu” from which app, the “Quick Settings panel”/“app launcher”?
“Settings > Notifications > Notifications on lock screen” is set to “Show conversations, default and silent”.
And in which app do you get the statusbar? Is it of this forum? I do it on a desktop computer. I can’t do it on FP.
I’ve to go to bed now. Read you tomorrow.
Have a nice night, evening or day (depending on where you are) :slight_smile:

App? I dont understand what you mean. Those are different notifications from different apps and it should just show you how notifications look like on 1) my lockscreen (screen with clock etc before you enter your unlock PIN), 2) when the quick settings menu is pulled down and 3) at the top of the status bar.

No app but the phones quick settings menu you pull/swipe down from the top (with buttons for internet etc.)

No app, thats just the top of the screen of your phone.

This means when an App is allowed to send you notifications, you will see it on the lockscreen.

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