Investing in long-lasting design: Android 7 for the Fairphone 2

I guess there’s something to be said for rushing out an update that then turns out to render phones non-functional - the data would be far more secure than on a functional device.


There is the 2019.11.0x release of fairphone2 OS today, is it safe to apply and install?

Updating went smoothly with my FP2. Phone is still working fine. Don’t worry!

Updates for Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS undergo a beta testing phase. So Fairphone developers as well as a number of beta testing users will have checked any update before release.

By the way, this can of course be a reason why updates can get delayed. Sometimes the beta testing phase shows unexpected trouble which has to be fixed before release. In such a case this forum tends to get complaints about the outdated security level, missing security updates, Fairphone’s missing commitment to security overall and so on :slight_smile: .


Hi Monica, A year later … is there any news about the proces timeline and the future of regular updates voor de FP2? We heard not a lot ever since.

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@formerFP.Com.Manager, @lorahaspels:

(Monica changed jobs in the meantime.)


Thanks for noticing and pushing the message to the correct people :).Ii wasn’t really active since the most topics are about the FP3 ;).

edit: I see it now in her title.

I have dropped this question to support


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