Investing in long-lasting design: Android 7 for the Fairphone 2

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Thanks for this info.

Can you say for which of the issues I listed this was found to be the case up until now?

And, as I see people can get quite agitated, perhaps a mention of these circumstances in the corresponding bugtracker issues would at least explain better what’s so difficult right now in fixing those issues.

Well, not much else left to do than to cheer them on :slight_smile: .


Would it be an option to continue monthly releases with only the AOSP security patches?


For the time being, as they are still investigating which issues are related to a lack of input, but also which are fixable/which ones need longer workarounds, the team is reluctant to pin exact bugs from the list. However, I hope that once we narrow down the maintenance roadmap, we will be able to share more specific information.


The team is currently looking into timeline options - if it will indeed be possible to continue the monthly pace, or communicate a different maintenance possibility. I will make sure to communicate any changes that will occur as soon as possible.


Thanks for the update, appreciated.
It’s a bit terse, but between the lines I read that a January maintenance update is not scheduled. Shame, some people would like to see at least the bootloader fixes (bug #7, #26 and #30) rolled out.

Has the team been in touch with the Qualcomm open source people? There’s many helpful people over in the ##linux-msm IRC channel on Freenode that are working hard on upstream kernel and userspace support. The Qualcomm employees there know their way through the internal documentation and procedures, while a contributor from Red Hat pretty much single handedly implemented a GPU driver based on reverse engineering efforts. Even if you don’t want to go the “open source” route with components, you might be amazed with their level of technical knowledge on the matters.


I’d suggest changing the link in the bugtracker that is included in the ‘small information update’ to also include issues that are listed as ‘in progress’ and ‘selected for investigation’ (which are issues that have progressed beyond ‘confirmed’, the only type currently shown). There’s a lot of duplicate issues being created because, for example, the reboot instead of shutdown bug isn’t listed by default when using the current link. A better option (imho) would be:


I’ll make the change today :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the feedback!


Is there any news already about the timeline and the possibility of (security) regular updates?


Not at the moment, the team is still working on it. I aim to bring more news as soon as we know more, not just about this coming update but also on the process timeline.