Intimidated by weight - experiences/thoughts?

Too bad to hear of your problem.
Not sure on how to correct it since different pants are not the solution :pensive:

If I didn’t misunderstand… you could find sports pants sticking to your thighs with a pocket right on your thigh, so you wouldn’t need belts and other elastic waist.
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Something like these:

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… never falls out the back pocket when you pull up the trousers after a restroom session…

My next trousers buy will be cargo pants.

@ acdalgaard

How about a shoulder bag worn with the strap across the body, like a messenger bag? No belt, no pulling down pants, can have extra pockets for other necessary stuff…
Random example:

It’s all a matter of perspective: I had to shlep that thing around for years because of work. Great phone: MIL-STD-810. waterproof, a solid week of battery life. But boy! 365 grams will strip your pants right off.

By contrast, the Fairphone 4 I got a few days ago feels like a lightweight :slight_smile: It’s sort of chunky like the Ulephone so it fits equally great in my hand, but it’s 140 grams lighter.

My point being, I adapted to life with the Ulefone brick: I would put it in my pants or shorts pocket every once in a while, but I sure had to tighten my belt or do up the lace. Otherwise I’d carry it in my vest pocket, or - infrequently - in my shirt’s breast pocket, but not very often because it would literally twist my shirt out of shape on the left side. The Fairphone is a LOT more livable than the Ulephone and I feel a lot freer with it on me.

In other words, you get used to it. Don’t sweat it.


Hi, I concur on this issue. Because I don’t like the physical dimensions of the FP3/FP4, I’ve decided to stick with FP2 for hopefully the next decade or so!
I don’t know the weights of the new models, but I’m guessing they’re heavier than FP2, partly because they’re proportionately bigger?
So I’ve chosen to invest in four spare new and used FP2s, which I hope will last for several years to come, and save wear and tear on my shorts into the bargain :slight_smile:
good luck.

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FP2 : 174g or 148g ~ ??
FP3 : 189g
FP4 : 225g

So 51g heavier than the FP2 or more?

I used to rock tiny phones and laptops. Netbooks with 10" screens, remember those? I love the convenience and I alway thought this was the format for me.

But here’s what I hadn’t reckoned with 15 or 20 years ago: there’s an age at which all your displays suddenly have to get bigger :slight_smile:

I’m more capable of handling another 50g without being intimidated :rofl:

I meant that tiny screens don’t work quite well past 50 years old. I’d rather have larger devices that are heavier than having to pull out my reading glasses all the time.

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Hi, I believe that Fairphone felt they must follow a trend - the increasing size of 'smart’Phones - instead of maintaining a discreet minimalism that would help with sustainability as well as fair trade!

Online gaming and film/movie watching is nothing if not unsustainable.

To add insult to ‘injury’, Fairphone decided to offer oneSizeSuitsAll to three new phone models after FP2, when a selection of options, including dimensions; number of cameras; operating systems etc… would have offered customers choice in the Fair World :expressionless:



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For a small company like Fairphone and the homeopathic amount of smartphones they are producing, it doesn’t make any sense to offer different versions of a phone. And in addition, no one will build a custom designed display size for them, so they need to buy, what is available on the market for reasonable prices. And following nearly all other brands, the display sizes are growing.


My fp4 is smaller then the Sony I had before this…
Is not big…it’s a bit thicker…bit heavier…but all in all quite average

I for one am glad a company like Fairphone making one single long-lived, well-supported phone exists at all. Nevermind choices of sizes, screens and whatnot: Samsung or Google have the moola to offer all that. Fairphone doesn’t.

It’s ballsy for a small company to embark on the design of a repairable phone, commit to supporting it for years and actually pull it off in this day and age. I couldn’t do it. Let’s not be ungrateful here…


Totally agree, this is the main problem of this FP4, the weight.
Hope you will cut of 30grms from the FP5 iteration.

I didn t put a protective case on this phone for the first time in my life, because it would be even bigger and heavier !
Please fairphone do something !
Would love a mini version too, like 5" 150 grms.

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Hi. I’m sure you are aware Fairphone are extremely unlikely to read this topic, have you thought of sending them an email.

Despite the 14 days return policy, they’ve still agreed to take it back because I never turned on the phone or anything. I have such great respect for this company’s customer service, it’s amazing!


I didn’t stay with FP3 because I needed the motherboard replaced, sadly. Given how expensive that was, I opted for getting the new FP4 instead. I do regret that somewhat now, but that ship has sailed long ago.
And the weight difference is surely more when including the protective case for FP4, which I do, since it doesn’t have the “bumper” that my FP3 had, which I felt did a lot to protect the phone from falls on flat surfaces - never got any damages to the screen while using my FP3.

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Glad to hear you haven’t had the same issues! I did imagine it would be quite difference when wearing different style pants. I just can’t wear jeans without getting stomach aches, sadly, I need something quite elastic.

Thank you for your sympathy! Fairphone has been kind enough to refund the phone despite it being more than 14 days, so grateful!

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Thank you for the suggestion! Thankfully, Fairphone has agreed to refund the phone. I’ll keep following the company, and I’ll be sure to get a Fairphone if they manage to make a smaller one, and they’ll be my go to when I need to get new headphones, and whatever else they’ll expand into making.
I really appreciate that you took to time to find a suggestion!