Interview Fairphone Users (Circular Economy Wageningen University Nov. '16)

Hi all!
For the course Circular Economy at the Wageningen University me and 4 other students are doing a research on Fairphone. During our course we heard about this active online Fairphone community and we would like to ask if you can help us! For our research we need to conduct interviews. We would like to get in contact with Fairphone users to ask them some questions. This can be done by phone or email, preferably by the end of this week. You would help us a lot and it will take you approximately 15 minutes.

Thanks in advance!
Maurice, Nina, Tomasso, Freek & Hilde


Yes, I like to help others! :wink:
I would give an interview, but my english isn’t good at all

Don’t now if you got the message I sent to your account: Yes, I am happy to help.

If you need some more material for your research, you can look into this thread:

Would it be a problem to post the questions here? I think there would be some users who would answer these questions but not get in contact with you. Also, some users would only take part if they know the questions and feel comfortable with them. (I am part of the “some users” mentioned in the previous two sentences.)


Thank you for your reply! We don’t post the questions here because we want to ask them individually to not steer your answers in one direction. I will see if I can make an online questionnaire of our interview, then i will post it here!

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