Internships / Temporary jobs at Fairphone?


I wonder if Fairphone is interested in interns and temporary employees?
I recently dropped a line in the open application system, but I don’t know if it was the right place for this.
It would be cool to have some official information on this topic!

Thank you!

Hi Jonas!
This is a Community Forum, so you won’t get official answers here.
I don’t really know who you can write to, support is probably the wrong way, but there are several email addresses of Fairphone employees on, so you could look for someone who could be responsible for this and write them an email :slight_smile:


Hey Stanzi,
I didn’t know who to write to either. Could you please give me a link to where you found the official email addresses?
Thank you!

There is an open application:


As I read Jonas’ opening post, he already used the open application form.

But as far as I remember, Fairphone has explicitly announced specific internship openings on their Jobs page together with full-time regular job openings in the past. Right now I don’t see any internship listed there though.


You are right, that’s what I did, but I was not sure if this was the right way to do so.
So there have been announcements for internships in the past, but there are none at the moment. That must mean that Fairphone is currently not searching for interns - that’s a pity. I guess I have to just wait if I get a reply on my open application then.
Thank you Urs!

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