Internet not working with Tele 2 in Russia

Hi, I have a fairphone 2 and since lately I travel a lot to russia so I decided to buy a second simcard for russia from tele 2. The new simcard works for phone and sms but not for internet. My girlfriend uses the same simcard (bought it together) in her iPhone and for her it works. I tried it as secondary sim-card first but then also as primary. When googeling about it I found about that only one simcard can use 4G so i made my homeland one to be on 2G but doesn’t help sadly. Here is a screenshot of the settings:

My homeland simcard does work with internet in russa (expensive roaming). So I assume it cannot be because of not supported frequencies or can it?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Does the ‘Access point names’ section include an APN for Tele2 Russia? You should be able to find the right APN settings on Tele2’s Russian web site (if you understand Russian; my command of Russian doesn’t go any further than да and нет).


Hi Albert, thank you for assisting me. The accesspoints have been automatically set up by my phone and look like this:


Seems right for me. I asked my russian friends and they looked at the website and said it is correct.

More detailed look at the first access point:

As far as I know there is no 4G internet on
So you have to set your phone on 3G.
Please remember that if you use 2 SIMs, you have to set one SIM to 2G and the other SIM on 3G in case you are on Tele2 Russia.


Thanks everyone for helping me. Now the father of my Russian friend called Tele 2 and turns out something on their end was turned off. I could not have found that since the support does not speak English. Setting it to 4G just fine.
Thanks all for helping :slight_smile:


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