International warranty when purchased from reseller?

If I purchase an FP4 from a reseller in one country, is it possible to get warranty service directly from FP in another country?

I found this information, but it doesn’t really say if direct warranty will be provided or not, just that the reseller should be contacted first:

Purchased from a reseller: we recommend contacting the reseller first as they can see your order history and could provide you with additional options or solutions. (Warranty - Fairphone)

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Fairphone will cover a warranty in the EU and the UK for example. I

f you buy using a UK online shop [Clove] from Canada then the shop can give you a guarantee and they will deal with Fairphone to cover themselves. You cannot ask Fairphone directly if you are outside their reselling zone.

In my case, I’m considering buying from a Dutch (official) reseller but I’m shortly moving to Sweden. So it would then be possible to contact FP directly for warranty claims?

Sounds like you have it covered :slight_smile:

On the page you linked to, there’s this:

"If you need more information, you can also read our terms and conditions for warranty:
Fairphone 4 warranty"

… just follow the link and see there, section 3. Geographic coverage

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