Internal storage deleted, recovery?

Hello, I accidently deleted my whole internal storage. I was cleaning up folders through my computer and there were 2 empty ‘Storage’ folders within ‘Internal storage’. I clicked delete on one and then whole internal storage was gone.

So I’ve checked different software programs for data recovery but all need root acces to the phone. Dr.fone seemed viable at first but then also gave notice of needing root connection. I managed to get into developers options and enabling USB debugging. Is there a way to root FP2 with Android or using software that bypasses the need for root access?


There are some explanations on how to root your phone. The magnifiying glass on the upper right helps you finding. Try e.g. the following guide but beware, the flashing process may have issues with the new camera or other things: [HOWTO] Root with Magisk - OTA updates, root cloaking and SafetyNet

AS you got USB debugging to work I strongly advise to first try to connect the phone to a PC with an USB cable and recover the folders with a PC based tool.
Reason: installing apps on the FP2 might overwrite the deleted data and by that making recovery impossible.

In a different situation I made good experience on a Windows PC with a tool called “Recuva”, however I don’t recall if it’s also working for your issue.
But I guess a web search will suggest some alternatives in case of need.

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Thanks, but I wonder if Magisk will work. I have android 6 installed so is not same as Fairphone OS right? I can try Recuva, though on the internet I find only solutions for which you have to root the phone. Which seems impossible with android installed on fairphone (reading former topics).

There was a post here looking like spam, but now it’s gone (probably because it looked like spam).

However, the article it linked to was a translation of a Russian article which worked around the problem of not having an external SD card in the phone while basically trying this approach here and adapt it for deleted file recovery …

… which needs root, and one would have to …

  • determine the memory partition on the phone which most likely includes the deleted data
  • copy a raw image of this partition to SD card, and in the end to your PC
    (workaround without SD card was to setup an FTP server on the PC to FTP the image directly to the PC … I would have had reservations about blindly following this tutorial right down to the given FTP port number out of security concerns, but FTP in itself is not a bad idea.)
  • mount the raw partition image as a drive on the PC
  • run a deleted file recovery tool of your choice on this drive

Sounds like a valid idea in the sense of this topic to me, even if it needs root.
Edit: And I think with an SD card in the phone it should be possible to do it without needing a rooted OS by booting TWRP without flashing it and use TWRP’s built-in terminal.
Edit 2: Apparently, with TWRP booted, you can also copy directly to the PC using adb.

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