Intermittent speaker bug

Hi all. Bit of an essay but would appreciate any help anyone can give.

About a month ago I dropped my Fairphone 3 in a sink of washing up water. I turned it off immediately, took it apart as much as possible without unscrewing anything, and left it to dry.

The next day I put it back together and turned it back on. It worked fine except the loudspeaker was a bit crackly and the screen rotation sensor was broken. Then the loudspeaker stopped working for playing media, but continued to work for speakerphone and the earspeaker stopped working. I gave it a while to finish drying but it didn’t start working again. So I:

  • Replaced the head unit.
  • Replaced the base unit.
  • Replaced the loudspeaker.
  • Reset to factory settings.

The screen rotator started working again but the rest didn’t. I tried calling the test line and the loudspeaker test worked, but the earspeaker didn’t.

Since then it spontaneously starting working properly all round about about a week ago - both the earspeaker and loudspeaker for media. Then about 24 hours later it stopped.

Now, if I plug in earphones (that work fine) for a while, the loudspeaker works again for about 10 mins to an hour after unplugging, then it stops. When the loudspeaker works the earspeaker works, when it doesn’t the earspeaker doesn’t. If I scroll through FB whilst on speaker phone, the loudpeaker will play media over the call. But if I am not it won’t play it at all. It will play for alarms though.

This is a tad frustrating and somewhat confusing as intermittent errors can be. Any clues on what’s going wrong or how to fix it?

Sadly not much help but for future ref, to others, soapy and dirty water carry ions that need to be flushed from the phone as once they dry to their max they will leave a small deposit on the circuits and connections. Your problem could be the connections. You say you didn’t unscrew anything well maybe you should and at least clean the contacts between modules.

Hopefully that will help, but for future reference if such an accident occurs always dunk the phone in clean water quickly, and take apart as much as possible to see where the water has entered.

Dry all components with lint free cloth and leave to dry in an air flow for a few days maybe use a hairdryer for a while but with no heat.

Going back over your post I note you replaced modules, so you have taken it apart. :slightly_smiling_face:
a) ensure all insides are clean again as it could be poor contacts
b) If you still have the old modules you can replace them one at a time.
c) ensure all the screws are reasonably tight.

You have the option of cleaning the one removed with distilled water or better still isopropyl alcohol through soaking them etc, and trying them again.

If module swapping doesn’t help then the main module, motherboard may be suffering from debris from the washing-up dunking.

Maybe you could find a Fairphone angel and swap all parts methodically.

All the best

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