✏ Interesting modules for the Xposed framework

:warning: Xposed is an experimental framework which can add some functionalities on your phone. On the FP2 installing it requires some “advanced” knowledge and the process could potentially brick your phone.

However, if you have an FP1(U) or a rooted FP2* with custom recovery and Xposed framework correctly installed, there are some interesting modules (and apps using Xposed) to try:

(*The FP2 comes unrooted, but if you install Fairphone Open OS, you can easily activate root access, by following these steps: Go to Settings > About phone and tap the build number 7 times. Now go to Settings > Developer Settings (this menu entry wasn’t there before) and tick the box to root your phone.)

XPosed not necessary but add some functionalities
AcDisplay is a new way of handling notifications in Android. It will let you know about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen.

Download (F-Droid)

If you don’t like XPrivacy because of the complexity, you can use this module instead (but don’t use the both in same time).
AppOpsXposed restores the “App Ops” functionality like in Android 4.4.2

Download (X-Posed)
More Info (XDA)

This module has to be used in combinaton with µg GmsCore to enable Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), location services and more. A very simple module, not sure if it will always work, but a must for everyone who wants to try microG.

The must have 1 : All-in-one complex module to custom phone with additional features and tweaks. (Note : some of functionnalty dont work on the FP2).

Download for FP2(X-Posed)
Download for FP1(U)(X-Posed)
More Info (XDA)
Documentation for Gravity, unfortunately for Kitkat but good for those who have no clue, what Gravity can do

Functions not working for FP2:
Lockscreen - chose own image (this works on FP2 Open OS V. 16.07.)

XPosed not necessary but add some functionalities
Greenify is an Android app that can improve your device’s battery life and performance by hibernating certain apps

Download (Play)
More Info (XDA)
More XDA topics

##Root Cloak

Hides Root status so Apps that usually won’t run on rooted phones will work. :warning: It’s generally not recommended to install banking apps on a rooted phone. Actually it’s not very safe on any phone.

Download (XPosed)

This module let use Google Voice Recognition instead of Dragon on Swype keyboard (among other things).

Download (X-Posed)

(note : yes i use Swype ; i prefer it to Google Keyboard ou Swiftkeys because gesture shortcuts are unique and usefull : you can do copy/paste like ctr-c/ctr-v, open num pad, for example…).

##This App will run without Google Services

Blocks the annoying message saying “This App will not work without Google Services”. But this module will not make Apps which actually need Google work on a Google free phone.

Download (XPosed)

The must have 2 : The ultimate privacy manager

Download (X-Posed)
More Info (Git-Hub)
More Info (XDA)

##XPrivacy button in App Info
Adds a button to open XPrivacy for specific app to App Info page.

Download (X-Posed)

##YouTube AdAway
Hide ads on the official YouTube App

Download (X-Posed)

##YouTube Background Playback
Enable background playback in YouTube and playback control via notification.
(Why it is not possible to do that by default?!)

Download (X-Posed)


My prefered trick requires Macrodroid and GravityBox (but i think it could be also possible to do with Tasker or Llama).

I use a macro to toggle profiles when i am a work or at home. In some cases, the 4G/3G signal is very poor (mobile internet is slow and this poor signal use a lot of power) ; in this situation, it is better to toggle mobile network to 2G only, switch off mobile data, using wifi.

But it is not very convenient to toggle mobile network type with default parameters interface. If you have GravityBox installed, you can use a custom tile in quickmenu to toggle it, but you can also automate that with macro.

In Macrodroid, you have to add “Send and Intent” in a macro’s action and use this parameters :

Target : Broadcast
Action : gravitybox.intent.action.CHANGE_NETWORK_TYPE
Package : /
Class : /
Data : /
Extra 1 (name) : networkType
Extra 1 (parameter) : 1

1 = 2G
2 = 3G
10 = LTE(prefered)/3G/2G

(source / a more complete parameters’ list)

##Other modules ?

I tried also Amplify, but without the pro version it is difficult ot evaluate the benefit.

And you, do you use other useful Xposed modules on your fairphone?

##Android N-ify

I love the Nougat-Feature to double-tap the “recents” software button to switch directly back to the last used app. It’s perfect for looking something up in one app and going back to the original app in a heartbeat. It also changes the notifications to a new nougatish layout.

Download (X-Posed)

NOTE: you can also do the same thing using GravityBox by configuring one of the navigation buttons double-click or long-click to switch to previous app

Very often you come about short URLs like bit.ly or in twitter apps the t.co links. That disables the system feature to open certain URLs with its respective native apps, like youtube or the google play store. CrappaLinks resolves the shortened links to their originals and gives the original link to the system, so that correct apps can be opened.

Download (X-Posed)

##DirectAPKInstall Module
This module is a good compromise between security and comfort regarding the install APKs from unknown sources. There will be a security warning every time an APK is trying to be installed, intentionally or unintentionally. Its safer than just allowing unknown sources in general and more comfortable than going to security settings, allowing unknown sources, installing and going back to turn unknown sources off.

Download (X-Posed)

##Play Store Changelog
Was really great with older Play Store Versions, as you could start the PlayStore App directly to the “My apps” menu instead of the annoying start page. Unfortunately this ceased to work and now it only shows the full Changelog of apps in their descriptions without having to manually open them.

Download (X-Posed)