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If I’m not mistaken, the higher amount of recycled material is not even mentioned …


Yeah, they should cart the already produced Fairphone 3s from the shelf right to the landfill instead of selling them, just to not confuse reviewers. You really have to wonder sometimes …


…Neither is the fair materials anymore (nor the pure Android 10 version, and good enough performances), compared with their review of the FP3.

EDIT: I’ve added my own review of it on their site to add the fair specs.


But their point is there is almost no difference in terms of photo tech specs and quality.

The repairability score of the new iPhone 12 isn’t that bad (6 out of 10), but it looks like you can’t simply swap the camera between devices.


OneDevice is noticeable initiative to create a compact 4,7" phone without “no-thumb zone” (and with good illustrations of the phenomenon), featuring a dual-screen (LCD and e-ink) and a pop-up camera module.

It’s a good follow-up of my : Advocating a FP2 mini


Really cool.
Just one point:
I am not sure, that the camera design will be acknowledged by a majority.
Having to “slide” it out for every picture will not go well with those taking lots of pictures.
Since, when it’s out, it is quite vulnerable, leaving it out is no option.
And I wonder, how stable this camera design is, mechanically I mean; how many “sliding”-outs and turnings does it stand before something fails.

Otherwise very, very cool. Make it fair or at least let them take a few steps in the right direction, like fair wages, joining the fair cobalt alliance, and they could help changing the market together with Fairphone (and ShiftPhone).

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The Fairphone is mentioned in the final third of this podcast (and given the thumbs-up!):


Shameless self-promotion :smiley:


Well deserved!

But this link after the article:

Regain your privacy!..

No can do, after this interview.

The FP3+ has made it so Time Magazine’s “The 100 Best Inventions of 2020” list in the category “Social Good” :slight_smile:


Not exactly about Fairphone: The first CO2 neutral airfreight

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Right to repair is going to get more attention and average consumer can use the rating as a factor when comparing products.


Getting longer software updates might become easier in the future


https://www.stuff.tv/features/eco-boost-tech-help-save-planet (Stuff)

The Fairphone 3 is also mentioned in the November issue of Enki magazine, but I can’t find a link for that.

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The Guardian is changing their ratings for consumer electronics to mark down products that don’t meet minimum sustainability criteria.


The article doesn’t say anything about modularity, but the Lava “myZ” is customizable on order. You can choose the RAM, flash storage, front and back cameras and color of the case.

I’m curious to see if that concept in successful.


Cool concept.
And here’s more of the concept or rather the customisation page:

The choices are not infinite of course.
E.g. you got two choices for the rear camera:
13 + 2 MP
13 + 5 + 2 MP
With the first choice you can chose for the front camera between 8 and 16 MP; with the second choice it’s “just” the 16 MP camera.
Up to 6 GB RAM and up to 128 GB ROM.

And it comes with stock Android 10 (Go, if it’ s got just 2 GB RAM).
Dual SIM (both 4G), gorilla 3 glas and 5000 mAh battery.

The top model (13+5+2 MP rear camera, 16 MP front camera, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM) is 10699 Rupies (about 120 Euro).
The cheapest one (13+2 MP rear camera, 8 MP front camera, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM) is 6999 Rupies (about 80 Euro).

NO specail fair or ecological concept of course.
The CSR paper (PDF) is rather full of phrases without a real concept and nothing to be measured or binding.

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A study about Parental control apps on Android: