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This article about the Fairphone 3 even mentions the Fairphone Angels program. :slight_smile:


I also appreciate the community that Fairphone has built up in Europe and around the world. The Fairphone Angels group is a vibrant ambassador program that extends and amplifies the company’s message and customer support outreach. It reminds me of a more grassroots version of the Apple Genius Bar, combined with OnePlus’ vibrant community forums and global meetups.



Not directly related to Fairphone, but at least somehow to 'Fair".

In these challenging times for many businesses it may be an option to move more into the digital world doing business.
Maybe this link from Thrusted Shops is of interest for some out there seeking for options to get an online shop up and going and thereby extending their reachability.

I stumbled over this benchmark on twitter: 2020 ICT Benchmark Overview - KnowTheChain

The other major drawbacks with the Fairphone 3 are its price and its availability. This phone retails at €450, or just under $500, which is way overpriced for what it is based on specs alone.

Unfortunately, he is still asking the wrong question. The question shouldn’t be “Why is the Fairphone so expensive?” but rather “Why are other phones so cheap?”. I obviously excluded economics of scale here and if FP produced their phones in millions they would certainly be a lot cheaper, but the term overpriced really annoys me.
Fairphone’s aren’t overpriced, Huawei’s e.g. are just extremely “underpriced” and that cost saving affects people who basically get enslaved.

Why is this so darn hard to comprehend for people?


Android 9 will be released for the Fairphone 2 and this is covered quite positively, as @Iain_Kennedy has posted in another thread :

Maybe because cheap rules. But how many would consent to such objects?
Imho people judging the Fairphone only by its price tend to belong to such and probably don’t even feel bad about it or not being aware of it.


I spotted this article on The Register - interesting angle focusing on software updates:


We’re still in the dark age of mass hallucination that we’re separate from what is outside of our bodies.


I wouldn’t describe it that drastically, but yeah - out of sight, out of mind.

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Fairphone 3 (mentioning FP2 too) ranked #2 for most secure phones for privacy by MakeUseOf because of their Fairphone Open OS.

The rank is as follows:

  1. Purism Librem 5 (#librem-5) because of its FLOSS OS and its kill-switches
  2. Fairphone 3 with Fairphone Open (in early-stage development)
  3. Pine64 PinePhone because of its FLOSS OS (although they don’t mention its kill-switches)
  4. Apple iPhone 11 because of the business model of Apple, at the cost of vendor lock-in and expensive price, and they aknowledge the phone is far from perfect for privacy-enthusiasts

Fairphone develops a de-Googled operating system known as Fairphone Open. This was initially released alongside the Fairphone 2 and is currently in early-stage development for the Fairphone 3. You can install Fairphone Open on the Fairphone 3, although the process isn’t straightforward.

Are they talking about /e/? Or did I miss the fact that FPOOS was being developed for FP3?

However, that’s not to say that Apple is perfect for privacy-enthusiasts. The company still gathers data about you and your habits, but this is used to customize your experience with Apple products, rather than create an advertisement profile. Much of the data is stored locally on your device rather than synced to the cloud.


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It doesn’t seem like they are mentioning Eelo anywhere. But it seems like they are mixing the available possibilities of FP2 and FP3 at the moment.

Ok, and then there’s this by Fairphone currently …

“For Fairphone 2, we offered also Fairphone Open, an operating system (OS) that does not have Google services pre-installed. This will not work on the FP3.

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Yes. But perhaps they are mixing up /e/ and Open OS, and they think /e/ is being developed by FP.

It seems, they do know more, than we do. :wink:
But I doubt, that it’s /e/ they are talking about; even more so, since they claim, that FP develops a de-googled system.
Should they really be in an early stage, it might still take some time before it’s available.

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The “This will not work on the FP3” wording means “don’t install FP2’s Open OS on FP3; they are not compatible”, as it’s true for every other custom ROM.

Maybe. Although it seems weird to me from them to think Fairphone officially supports Eelo.

Latest news I was aware of from Fairphone were that they were working on it. I think it was mentioned tangentially in an interview but can’t find the sources (to be fair, it was a long time ago and I’m not up-to-date with FP3, since I own a FP2 and my next phone’ll be a Librem 5 that should arrive shortly).


What made me think this was that they are saying:

You can install Fairphone Open on the Fairphone 3, although the process isn’t straightforward.

And this looks a lot like /e/. Or otherwise, I don’t know what they managed to install on their FP3 (if they even tested).

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You could read it that way. But the wording is ambiguous.
It could also mean “Offering Fairphone Open OS will not work on the Fairphone 3.”